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Powerful new musical performed under the stars in South Brisbane
NEWS 05/07/2022

Ireland’s infamous legend ‘Deirdre of the Sorrows’ comes to life with a musical retelling by Brisbane writer and composer Anina-Marie Van Wyk in Observatory Theatre’s 'Destiny Doomed'.


Performed under the stars in the heart of South Brisbane, this outdoor production features an original acoustic folk-pop score, set against the rustic background of Musgrave Park.


'Destiny Doomed' combines heartfelt storytelling with strong messages about mastering your life and finding your place in the world.


Ms. Van Wyk said the legend of Deirdre has “long been a favourite” of hers. “Deirdre’s story has always been sad. I wrote this musical to give her a voice and to celebrate her power,” she said.


“The show speaks to victim blaming and roars with feminine strength. It profoundly declares women the masters of their own story,” Ms. Van Wyk said.


'Destiny Doomed' tells the story of a girl locked away by the King until she is of age to marry.


The girl is cursed by a prophecy, declaring that she will bring great suffering to the kingdom. Soon, rebellion ignites, and she isn’t going away quietly.


Actor Clarise Ooi plays Deirdre in the production. “I hope she inspires young people to stand up for themselves,” she said.


“It’s not often you see Celtic folklore reappropriated for modern audiences, so I think this reimagining will be a great chance to share the unique folktales of other cultures,” Ms. Ooi said.


The show features other Brisbane based performers, including Laura Fois, Elliot Gough and Kieran Evans.


'Destiny Doomed' runs from September 29 to October 8 at Musgrave Park, South Brisbane.


Do not miss this powerful new musical! Tickets are on sale now.

Images by Creative Futures Photography.

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Blockbuster new show exploding into Brisbane
NEWS 05/04/2022

Netflix’s Black Mirror will be taken to a whole new level with Observatory Theatre’s 'Control' exploding into the Queensland Multicultural Centre this June with direction by Matilda award-nominated Timothy Wynn.


'Control' was originally developed through the INK program at Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre in Melbourne and was written by playwright Keziah Warner.


This dystopian blockbuster spans several decades, questioning ethics and morality in the growing age of technology and is brought to epic life by a stellar Queensland-based team. 


'Control' director Timothy Wynn said, “This show features some of Brisbane’s best up and coming talent at their finest.”


“The story spans three distinctly different worlds and it is an exciting challenge to honour and detail each one,” Mr Wynn said.


'Control' explores sometime in the future where Big Brother’s gone into outer space, and someone is always watching. 


A revolution is brewing, and the Museum of Childhood faces a crisis as rebellion brews outside.


But lightyears away on New Earth, a programmer and their A.I. companion forge hope for the future of humanity.


'Control' grips with an urgency that is hard to ignore, questioning who’s really in charge and how human technology can become. 


'Control' actor Triona Calimbayan-Giles (BC Productions) said, “I couldn't put this script down the second I started reading. This is not one to miss.”


“It comments on a future that feels very plausible and real for us, and all the exciting and terrifying things that come with that,” she said. 


The show features other stellar Brisbane based actors; Egan Sun-Bin (Queensland Theatre) and Nykita O’Keeffe (Lynch & Paterson).


'Control' runs from June 9 to 11 at Queensland Multicultural Centre, Kangaroo Point.


Don’t miss this blockbuster show! Tickets are on sale now. 

Images by Creative Futures Photography.

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Observatory Theatre's larger-than-life 2022 program
NEWS 03/02/2022

Observatory Theatre will launch its 2022 Season on February 3rd after a successful 2021 season with raving reviews and performances at Anywhere Festival, Wynnum Fringe, and The Old Museum.  


Season 2022 is bigger and better with vibrant productions; Control - a Dystopian Drama and Destiny Doomed – an Original Musical.


This year will also see the launch of a new playwright program, Telescope, with its finished product playing in next year’s season.


Creative Director and Producer at Observatory Theatre Lachlan Driscoll said 2022 is about big stories and larger than life ideas.


“This year charts the incredible, personal power we all have as people and our desire to search for greater meaning in our lives,” Mr Driscoll said. 


“From our origins and tales of human courage to the future and the great potential of life going forward.”


The first show of Season 2022 is Control, a Dystopian blockbuster that investigates ethics, morality, and dependence in a technological age.


Directed by Ipswich director Timothy Wynn, the show will play the Queensland Multicultural Centre in Kangaroo Point from June 8th to 11th.


Mr Driscoll said the show has a message with an urgency hard to ignore.


“This epic and futuristic play with a show-stopping team dives into our multifaceted relationship with technology,” Mr Driscoll said. 


Control was originally developed in 2019 by Red Stitch Actors Theatre.


The second show of Season 2022 is Destiny Doomed, a new musical by Brisbane artist Anina-Marie Van Wyk, inspired by the legend Deirdre of the Sorrows.


It braves the storm with an original acoustic folk-pop score and a story that puts the dam(n) in ‘damsel in distress’.


Mr Driscoll said Ms Van Wyk is “immensely talented”, and it will be a “powerful and passionate” night out at Musgrave Park, South Brisbane.


Throughout 2022, Observatory Theatre will launch its new playwriting initiative Telescope.


Mr Driscoll said the program is an initiative that supports Australian playwrights to develop a new play.


“It’s about bringing diverse and unique thinkers together to make new stories that are of exceptional quality for independent theatre,” Mr Driscoll said.


“I am constantly inspired by the people involved, their ideas and creativity.”

Photography by Creative Futures Photography. TELESCOPE Image by Kévin Dorg.

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