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Creative development of The Cane by Fen Carter (2024)

In The Media

"It's great to have a Brisbane theatre company that takes on relatively new and challenging works, and gives opportunities for local actors to shine"

- Catherine Lawrence


"It is impossible not to be immediately taken with the fresh concepts and innovative ideas of these new theatre makers"

- Bravo Brisbane


"I can't wait to see where Observatory Theatre takes audiences next"

- Catherine Lawrence

"Bound to make a mark as the team continue to produce inventive, new works that border on the fantastical"

- Theatre Haus

"[The company] is bold and challenging. You never know what the next thing will be, and I find that very exciting"

- The Fame Reporter (with Malika Savory)

Selected Articles

"Interview with Malika Savory" The Fame Reporter

"Our Biggest and Boldest Season Yet" Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

"Interview with Rebecca Day" The Fame Reporter

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