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What are you made of?

Youngest child Martin Godbold has been living in the shadow of his philanthropist father, and now it’s time for him to take his rightful place in the family company. But as a criminal investigation looms and familiar faces appear on their doorstep, old ghosts and loyalties threaten to tumble the Godbold’s now crumbling empire.


A searing new Australian drama that dares to ask: what are we made of? Who will carry the torch when no one else will? And at what point does tradition overtake humanity?

"Shocking, realistic and quite harrowing"
- Theatre Haus

"...epitomises the Australian Gothic genre"
- Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

"...offers a sophisticated take on complicated and important themes"
- Blue Curtains Brisbane

"Perfectly encapsulates some very big questions"
- Bravo Brisbane


Writer/Director Lachlan Driscoll

Dramaturg Alex Macdonald

Sound Design Samuel Seagrott

Projection Design Rachel Hall

Stage Manager Samuel Seagrott

Assistant Stage Manager Charlotte Carter


Josephine Rebecca Day

Martin Emile Regano

Ivan James Hogan

Wilson/Stranger Robert Wainwright

Voiceovers Sandra Harman, Zaid Seker, Maya Lee, Will Bergman & Brendan James

2021 Season. October 1 - 2

The Old Museum, Bowen Hills

Wynnum Fringe Festival 2021. November 20 - 21

Waterloo Bay Leisure Centre, Wynnum

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