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dance / comedy

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Created by Lachlan Driscoll and Kara Fisher

Choreography by Kara Fisher

On a faraway planet, a group of oddbods are travelling aboard a rickety caravan towards an uncertain future. When it breaks down and the group are stuck in the middle of a desolate wasteland, they're forced to work together to rebuild their only way of escape, or risk not reaching paradise.


Utopia! And the Caravan Calamity is a tap dance spectacular to tingle the senses, combining eye popping set and costume designs, slapstick comedy and interactive elements, tied together with a gypsy jazz soundtrack.

Cast: Sabrina Jobst, Kristin Sparks, Kara Fisher, Lachlan Driscoll, Taine Harding and Oliver Carroll-Collerson.

Presented with Anywhere Festival. Design by The Black Box Collective

May 15 - 22

Hamilton Town Hall, Racecourse Rd

Redcliffe Museum, Anzac Ave

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Written and directed by Lachlan Driscoll

Dramaturgy by Alex Macdonald

Ivan Godbold is dying. On his final few days, he invites his estranged children to say their farewells. For them, seeing their tyrannical father on his deathbed is a relief after a childhood of terror. But the past is never truly behind them, and a loved one never truly dies.


Portraits dares to ask: what do we truly owe our parents? And who will cary the torch when no one else will? Performed in the grand and gloom of the historic Old Museum in Bowen Hills, Portraits features 360 degree sound to pull audiences into the ancient living room of the Godbold mansion.

Cast: Rebecca Day, Emile Regano and James Hogan

October 1 - 2

The Old Museum, Bowen Hills

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So what is Observatory Theatre?

An observatory is a place to look to the skies, to dwell on the future, to behold new worlds, people and things...

'Observatory Theatre' is new independent theatre based in Brisbane, presenting a new wave of performance for 'experience' seeking audiences. Our productions and projects have a common goal in mind: to create meaningful, vibrant experiences for audiences in ways traditional theatre does not.


'Outside the box' vision is an important part of our philosophy, creating worlds that are unique in visuals as they are in staging, and always with the audience at the centre of every decision. We aim to devise inventive works that bend the boundaries of traditional theatre, that will immerse and connect audiences to the performance, that will transport them to the world on stage.

The Team


Lachlan Driscoll

Artistic Director / Producer

Theatre: Vena Cava Productions, Lynch & Paterson, Ad Astra, Growl Theatre, Brisbane Arts Theatre 

Production: Phoenix Ensemble, Mates Theatre Genesis, Vena Cava Productions

Training: Queensland Theatre Company, Queensland University of Technology, Australian Dance Performance Institute, Harvest Rain Theatre Company, Conroy Dance Centre

Other: Theatre Haus, Playlab Theatre

Awards: Beenleigh Theatre Group Drama Festival 2020 (Best Drama)


Molly Williams

Co-Director / Communications Coordinator

Theatre: Australian School of Performing Arts, Film and Television, Harvest Rain Theatre Company, Fame Theatre Company, Brisbane Musical Theatre, Brisbane Junior Theatre

Training: Queensland University of Technology, Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, Australian School of Performing Arts, Film and Television, Harvest Rain Theatre Company, Fame Theatre Company, Australian Musical Theatre Workshop


Rachel Hall

Co-Director / Productions Assistant

Theatre: Towers Players Inc. Theatre Group

Production: Knights Way Productions

Training: Queensland University of Technology, Queensland Theatre Company, Queensland Travelling Film Festival, Australia Music Examinations Board, Australian Film Television Radio School

Awards: Suncorp Bank Future Filmmakers Award (QLD, 2016)

Rory Cooper

Co-Director / Associate Producer

Theatre: Queensland University of Technology, Village Roadshow Theme Parks

Training: Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Powerhouse

Production: Moreton Bay Boys' College




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We can't make theatre without other creative people...or in other words, without YOU!


As a production company that produces two to three events each year (ranging from plays to immersive theatre to musical theatre to dance), we're always on the lookout for talented individuals, and as an independent company that operates on a profit share payment schedule (plus other benefits!), our artists are always looked after.

So that's where you come in! Are you an actor, dancer or singer? Are you a director or a designer? Perhaps you're a stage manager, lighting or sound operator, or crew member? Whichever role (or roles!) of theatre you specialise in, we'd love to have you apart of our contact list for upcoming productions and events. You send us your details, we organise and plan the shows, we see whether you'd be a great fit for available roles, you get contacted by us!

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Get in touch with any general enquiries, including auditions and getting involved in our projects.

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"It is impossible not to be immediately taken with the fresh concepts and innovative ideas of these new young theatre makers. Their debut performance season features two uniquely original works delving deep into stories that draw audiences into different worlds." 

- Bravo Brisbane


"Exploring the theme of “different worlds” through immersive theatre, a new independent Brisbane company has launched two original shows for its 2021 season on Facebook Live – complete with rocket launch countdown videos posted in the days leading up to the virtual event held Thursday night."

- Theatre Haus



Our previous works.

'Black Market' Creative Development Workshop (2020)


Photos by Jack Young Photography. Poster design by Lachlan Driscoll


'Portraits' by Lachlan Driscoll Staged Reading (2020)


Photos by Tarik Dibb. Poster design by Lachlan Driscoll