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By Keziah Warner

Directed by Timothy Wynn

Told across several decades, this blockbuster work by Melbourne playwright Keziah Warner takes BLACK MIRROR to a whole new level.


Sometime in the future, Big Brother’s gone into outer space. The world is watching, isn’t it? On the eve of revolution, The Museum of Childhood faces a crisis as revolution explodes outside. And lightyears away, a programmer and their A.I. companion forge hope for the future of humanity. But who's really in charge here?


CONTROL grips with an urgency that is hard to ignore, investigating ethics and morality in a technological age, and just how human can technology become.

D Y S T O P I A N     D R A M A

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June 9 - 11

Opening Night June 9th 7:30pm

Closing Night June 11th 7:30pm


Queensland Multicultural Centre, Kangaroo Point

Auditorium, Ground Floor


90 Minutes, no interval


Coarse Language, Simulated Violence, Mature Themes


Visual Rating 50%. Wheelchair access available


Triona Calimbayan-Giles, Nykita O'Keeffe, Egan Sun-Bin, Matt Domingo


Director/Design Timothy Wynn

Sound Design Juleece Dawe

Lighting/Vision Design Nathaniel Knight

Stage Manager Samuel Seagrott

Assistant Director Chelsea August

Assistant Stage Manager Charlotte Carter

CONTROL was commissioned by Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre through the INK program and was originally produced by Red Stitch in 2019.


A New Musical by Anina-Marie Van Wyk

"True love will be nothing more than your disarming. There's no Prince Charming, my darling..."


A destined girl is born and the King wants her to himself, locked away, controlled, his rightful claim. But the prophecy comes with a price - the child will bring great suffering - and rebellion soon ignites. Destiny? Fate? She’s not going down without a fight.


Inspired by Irish legend Deirdre of the Sorrows, DESTINY DOOMED braves the storm with an original folk-pop score and a story that puts the dam(n) in ‘damsel in distress’.


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Sep 29 - Oct 8

Preview Sep 29th 6:30pm

Opening Night Sep 30th 6:30pm

Closing Night Oct 8th 6:30pm


Musgrave Park, South Brisbane

Edmondstone Street


70 Minutes, no interval


Simulated Violence, Sexual References, Mild Coarse Language



Visual Rating 50%. Wheelchair access available


Clarise Ooi, Laura Fois, Elliot Daniel Gough, Kieran J. Evans


Book, Music & Lyrics Anina-Marie Van Wyk

Director/Musical Director Anina-Marie Van Wyk

Movement Director Sara Jane Aistrope

Stage Manager Charlotte Carter

Vocal Coach Georg Gleeson

Assistant Director Zara Chandler

This production is performed outdoors. It is highly recommended that patrons supply their own picnic blanket and/or camp chairs. 

Weather Warning: In the event that unpredictable weather disrupts your performance, you will receive a full refund.

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Focussing a kaleidoscopic lens

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Disney off Ice by Oliver Gough (2022 - 2023)

"Cartoons and cryonics. Walt's got a lot to catch up on..."


We are thrilled to be developing the savage, surrealist work DISNEY OFF ICE by Brisbane playwright Oliver Gough.


TELESCOPE 2022-3 Playwright

Oliver Gough is an emerging playwright and performance maker based in Brisbane/Meanjin, and an Mphil Candidate in Creative Writing at The University of Queensland. His 2020 Honours project and play X  built on an interest in interrogating climate-change ravaged futures, and using absurdism and ‘cli-fi’ to satirise top-down, celebrity focused responses to the threat. The one-act play received a staged reading in 2020, and is set for staging by Underground Productions in 2022. His 15-minute absurdist farce Disney Off Ice was also produced by UQ Drama students in 2019. 


Oliver was a participant in Playlab Theatre's Incubator program in 2021, and is a writer and reviewer for Theatre Haus. Oliver creates juicy comedic offers for actors, and also believes in the potential of theatre to generate ideas, debate and action.   

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TELESCOPE is a new initiative by Observatory Theatre that gives residency to playwrights to develop an imaginative, brand spanking new play.

THE GOAL: To produce plays that are theatrically inventive and innovative

THE WORDS: To uncover local writers with unique, imaginative voices


THE MEANS: To provide writers with an abundance of support at every stage of the development process

THE PROCESS: To expose the play to many minds, ears and hearts, and encourage rigorous feedback

TELESCOPE fosters collaboration between diverse, creative thinkers to build stories of outstanding quality for the indie theatre scene.

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So what is Observatory Theatre?

An observatory is a place to look to the skies, to dwell on the future, to behold new worlds, people and things...


Observatory Theatre is an Indie Australian theatre production house based in Brisbane. Our projects have common goals in mind: To never be boring, to inspire and engage, and to provide outstanding experiences for our audiences.


'Outside the box' vision is an important part of our philosophy. We aim to produce works that stimulate all the senses of our audiences and innovate beyond traditional theatre.

We acknowledge the Jagera and Turrbal peoples as the Traditional Owners of the land Meanjin on which we work and create. We recognise the rich traditions of First Nations art and performance which has shaped Australian theatre today and pay our respects to them as the first storytellers, creators and dreamers.

The Team

Creative Producer Lachlan Driscoll

Marketing and Communications Coordinator Lucy Rayner-Toy

Season2022 Photography Creative Futures Photography

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"Driscoll is bound to make his mark as the team continue to devise inventive, new works that border on the fantastical"

- Theatre Haus

"It is impossible not to be immediately taken with the fresh concepts and innovative ideas of these new theatre makers"

- Bravo Brisbane


"...aims to bring new work to Brisbane audiences that tests boundaries and creates meaningful, vibrant experiences for their audiences"

- Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane


For media inquiries, contact Marketing & Communications Coordinator Molly Williams



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