15 May (Moreton Bay)

16 - 22 May (Brisbane)

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45 mins

Creators: Kara Fisher and Lachlan Driscoll

Director: Lachlan Driscoll

Associate Director: Rory Cooper

Choreographer: Kara Fisher

Set Design: Ewan Brown and The Black Box Collective

Costume Design: Rory Cooper and Lachlan Driscoll

Lighting and Sound Design: Lachlan Driscoll

Stage Manager: Samuel Seagrott

Executive Producer: Lachlan Driscoll

Associate Producer: Rory Cooper

Technical Operator: Rory Cooper

Set Builder: Ewan Brown


The Magician: Kara Fisher

The Maid: Kristin Sparks

The Baron: Sabrina Jobst

The Monkey: Lachlan Driscoll

Magician's Sidekicks: Leela Bishop, Oliver Carroll-Collerson and Taine Harding

Netty Richardson, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Redcliffe Museum

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Essentially, this show was created for two reasons: to provide a feast visually and sensually for audiences, and to rip-off a steampunky Cirque du Soleil production I saw three years ago. I hope the world myself and Kara have created for you is both of these things (especially the latter!) and that you lose yourself in the magic of what you'll see today.


It was important to infuse every costume piece, every prop, every flash of light and burst of sound with a super charged, impossible energy. Nothing in this story is realistic in any shape or form. That's what I like most about it. The imagination can run wild, rules are chucked out with the bath water, "dramatic meaning" can hit the road!

And now I circle back to my topic sentence! I hope you are taken to utopia today (if not, take your complaints to Paul Osuch - paul@anywhere.is), and I hope that it's outrageous, weird and heartwarming all together!

- Lachlan

What fun this show has been to make, especially being able to create an original piece with some of my closest friends in theatre!


From day one when Lachlan and I were getting the concept/story together in the middle of the pandemic, we new we wanted to create a short, fun piece that keeps the audience entertained and filled with as many gags as possible to outweigh the difficult times and uncertainties people have been facing in their daily lives.


Because tap dance is frequently reserved for concert and showcase performances with focus solely on fast and fancy footwork (and rightfully so). This production however required the task to blend tap dance into the storytelling and provided me with a fun challenge of considering all physical aspects of storytelling and executing this in a way that no one ingredient is overpowering, but rather all working together to communicate all the juicy details of the story.


I’d like to thank the audience for supporting this production and hope they enjoy the absurdity and hilarity of these characters and their relationships unfold before them on stage!

- Kara

Lachlan Driscoll

Director, Creator, Light & Sound Design

Theatre: Handle With Care Ad Astra Theatre (Creator, Performer); Jekyll & Hyde Phoenix Ensemble (Assistant Director); for Fresh Blood Theatre Festival by Vena Cava Productions - Portraits (Playwright, Director)

Performance: for Fresh Blood Theatre Festival by Vena Cava Productions - Judges Jurors and Executioners, OreganoSuddenly Last Summer Growl Theatre, Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella Lynch & Paterson

Training: Queensland University of Technology, Australian Dance Performance Institute, Harvest Rain Theatre Company, Conroy Dance Centre

Other: Playlab Theatre (Volunteer), Theatre Haus (Marketing, Writer)

Kara Fisher

Choreographer, Creator

Performance: Disneyland Paris (Character/Parade Performer); HalloweenFestEvil AussieWorld (Performer); for Hear and Say - 25th Anniversary Charity Gala, 26th Anniversary Charity Gala (Performer)

Theatre: for Phoenix Ensemble - La Cage Aux Folles (Choreographer); The Little Mermaid (Choreographer)

Training: Queensland University of Technology, Australian Dance Performance Institute

Rory Cooper

Associate Producer, Associate Director,

Costume Design, Technical Operator

Ewan Brown

Set Design and Builder

Samuel Seagrott

Stage Manager

Sabrina Jobst

The Baron

Kristin Sparks

The Maid

Leela Bishop

Magician's Sidekick

Oliver Carroll-Collerson

Magician's Sidekick

Taine Harding

Magician's Sidekick

The Team

Artistic Director/ Producer: Lachlan Driscoll

Co-Director/Communications Coordinator: Molly Williams

Co-Director/Productions Assistant: Rachel Hall

Co-Director/Associate Producer: Rory Cooper

Marketing: Molly Williams, Rachel Hall and Rory Cooper

Front of House Staff: Rachel Hall, Simone Abrahams

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