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We make inventive and imaginative theatre

An observatory is a place to look to the skies, to dwell on the future, to behold new worlds, people and things...


Observatory Theatre is an independent theatre company based in Brisbane. We aim to never be boring, to inspire and engage, and to provide outstanding experiences for audiences. We place big ideas and "risk taking" as a core focus of our programming. We particularly support and program Australian writing. Our previous projects include the Sci-Fi odyssey Control by Keziah Warner, the original musical Destiny Doomed by Anina-Marie van Wyk performed outdoors at Musgrave Park in South Brisbane, and the absurdist climate change comedy The Turquoise Elephant by Stephen Carleton. We are also focussed on developing new plays through our Telescope New Writing Program, which supports writers to produce bold new work. Outcomes have included Oliver Gough's Disney Off Ice, an absurdist play about Walt Disney's infamous cryonic freezing. Founder and Creative Producer Lachlan Driscoll is passionate about new work and its place in Australia's cultural scene.

The Team

Creative Producer: Lachlan Driscoll

Marketing and Communications Coordinator: Lucy Rayner-Toy

We are privileged to work on the land Meanjin and acknowledge the Traditional Owners. We recognise the rich traditions of First Nations art and performance that have shaped Australian theatre today. We pay our respects to them as the first storytellers, creators, performance makers and dreamers.

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