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We make inventive and imaginative theatre

An observatory is a place to look to the skies, to dwell on the future, to behold new worlds, people and things...


Observatory Theatre is an independent theatre company based in Brisbane. Our projects have common goals in mind: To never be boring, to inspire and challenge, and to provide outstanding experiences for audiences. 'Outside of the box' vision is an important part of our philosophy, by developing and producing work that is theatrically innovative and inventive.

The Team

Creative Producer: Lachlan Driscoll

Marketing and Communications Coordinator: Lucy Rayner-Toy


We are an accessible theatre company and work to ensure that everybody can be involved and attend our events, no matter your access or disability requirements. For more information and to make a request, please contact team@observatorytheatre.comWe do this in a number of ways: We display a rating of how much each of our productions rely on visual and/or sound elements; The script of the performance is also available on request for audience to follow along with; Our productions may also be partially or fully captioned; There are also Relaxed Performances offered, where each element of the theatre-going experience is minimised for less impact, including sounds and lighting effects. Quiet rooms and breakout spaces are also available at all times. We are also able to offer accessible car parking and wheelchair car parks at our venue, Studio1. Please contact us to arrange this and for us to best assist you.

We are privileged to work on the lands of the Jagera and Turrbal peoples, the Traditional Owners of the land Meanjin. We recognise the rich traditions of First Nations art and performance that have shaped Australian theatre today. We pay our respects to them as the first storytellers, creators, performance makers and dreamers.

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